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Access to wireless infrastructure is a necessity. Unfortunately, problems with wireless networks can be some of the trickiest to troubleshoot.  VPLS Solutions’ Wireless Optimization Service will diagnose issues with signal strength, coverage gaps, capacity issues, channel overlap and rogue wireless devices plus leave you with a detailed easy to understand report outlining the remedies.

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Access to wireless infrastructure is a necessity for today’s workers. Ensuring full wireless coverage and optimal wireless performance can be a challenge, however. VPLS Solutions has made wireless site surveys quick, easy and cost effective through our Wireless Optimization Service.

For as low price as $1,499 for most facilities, an experienced VPLS Solutions WLAN engineer will come onsite to conduct an active wireless site survey. Using maps of your facility and sophisticated wireless site survey tools, VPLS Solutions will analyze your site to ensure the performance and capacity your current or future 802.11ac, 802.11n or legacy wireless network needs. We will deliver a multi-floor wireless network plan based on your capacity and performance requirements and identify the best location for your access points. We will generate a concise and thorough report that includes information and recommendations on signal strength, noise, channel overlap, network health, network performance, capacity analysis and more.

If a wireless network is not yet in place, the survey will automatically recommend placement of new wireless access points and configuration settings based on a simulated environment. If a wireless network is in place, the survey will detect coverage gaps, security vulnerabilities and channel overlap plus recommend remediation. Our Wireless Optimization Service is valid for almost all wireless products including Aerohive, Aruba, Brocade / Ruckus, Cisco, Fortinet, Meraki, Motorola, Ubiquiti and more. If you are planning a new wireless network or are having challenges with your existing wireless network, VPLS Solutions Wireless Optimization Service is for you.

At the end of the survey, you will receive a detailed report that includes:

  • Recommendations for access point locations and configurations including detailed coverage maps
    Coverage performance and simulation reports
  • An in-depth analysis including easy to read and accurate color coded heat maps with options including signal strength, data rate, packet loss, roaming, overlap, spectrum utilization and more
  • Identification of issues such as rogue access points, number of SSIDs or security policies, misconfigured access points, and problems with throughput, interference and/or coverage

Additionally, VPLS Solutions allows you to leverage your site survey investment towards the purchase and installation of new wireless infrastructure.  If you elect to purchase new wireless infrastructure and installation services from VPLS Solutions, we will credit the full cost of the survey towards the new purchase (up to 10% of the purchase price of new wireless hardware / services).

Please contact sales@vplssolutions.com today to learn more about our Wireless Optimization Service.  We look forward to partnering with you!