VPLS | Disaster Recovery Guide

DR in Virtualized Environments

Zerto Disaster Recovery as a Service

At any point in time human error, hardware failure, earthquakes, fires and power outages can threaten the livelihood of an organization. The ability to perform daily critical business functions hangs precariously in the balance of ordinary circumstances that could impede an organization from using their everyday tools. Some preparation and planning can help prevent needless losses in your organization. Do not wait until a disaster occurs to realize how important it is to have a disaster recovery plan. Studies have shown that over 65% of data loss is a result of human error not natural disasters. VPLS can help protect your organization from threats before any problems arise with multiple options for Disaster Recovery as a Service and Cloud Replication.

VPLS can help your organization continue to thrive with Zerto as a service or more commonly known as Disaster Recovery as a Service. Hypervisor based replication technology simplifies the complications of generating a disaster recovery plan for VMware cloud services, by allowing the replication process to move from the physical level of storage to the virtual level of the hypervisor. Zerto automates the recovery process by removing the complications of storage to storage replication and allowing scripts to be ran that can change server IP addresses etc.

Zerto DRAAS Features:
  • Near-continuous replication and backup – Recover from any point in time up to the nearest second
  • Select the critical Virtual Machines you need to replicate or organize them in a Virtual Protection Group
  • Storage array agnostic – Replicate from anything to anything
  • Hypervisor agnostic – Transfer between any variations of hypervisors and cloud platforms (VMware to Hyper-V and vice versa)
  • Less complex to transfer data and applications
  • Built in WAN optimization
  • Sandbox test environment
  • Instant failover