IP Transit

VPLS’s IP Transit network solutions provide high performance Internet access through diverse upstream providers with over 100Gbps in transit capacity. With VPLS’s IP Transit blend, you are guaranteed the best available path with the lowest latency and highest performance through any of our direct transits or peers VPLS’ IP backbone is monitored 24×7 by vTAC operations centers in multiple geographic locations to provide various viewpoints of the network from around the world.

VPLS IP Transit Benefits

That means we are not dependent on providers to make routing changes.

  • Flexibility
    VPLS is not dependent on providers to make routing changes.
  • Ethernet Scalability
    Whether you’re looking for 1 to 100Gbps, we have the solution for your requirements. Scale your bandwidth capacity to your business needs.
  • Proactive Monitoring
    By having multiple vTAC operations centers worldwide, VPLS is able to pin point problems ahead of time and anticipate network congestion in order to re-route traffic to preferred providers.

Metro Ethernet

VPLS provides cost effective Metro Ethernet based services up to 10Gbps in various point to point and point to multipoint configurations. VPLS has partnered with numerous local loop providers to get you connected on-net with VPLS. VPLS utilizes Layer 2 and Layer 3 MPLS technologies for scalability and resiliency over single or multiple links.

  • Scalability
    Bandwidth from 100 Mbps to 10 Gbps, with variable CIR. Point-to-point and Point-to-multipoint connections available.
  • Cost Effectiveness
    Use your existing Ethernet infrastructure.
  • Security
    Metro Ethernet is a private Layer 2 network solution with a higher degree of security than public Internet solutions.
  • Ease of Use and Manageability
    24 Hour a day 7 day a week vTAC operations center monitors your network for any trouble.