Network Optimization Service

A healthy local area wired Ethernet network is a critical utility for enterprises today. Unfortunately, many networks are built over months or years by different staff members and using different technologies and protocols. Issues of network congestion, latency, loops and other unknown issues are difficult to troubleshoot. Users experience intermittent network slowness or outages and a root cause is never ascertained. Network diagrams are often out of date and lack all of the relevant details IT leaders need to make informed decisions.

VPLS Solutions is solving these challenges and making network assessments simple and cost effective with our Network Optimization Service. A VPLS Solutions’ certified network engineer will come to your location to assess all configuration information on the wired network inclusive of all switches and routers.

VPLS Solutions’ Network Optimization Service includes:

  • A full review of all switch and router configurations including core, edge and data center
  • A review of available logs to look for errors and warnings
  • An audit of all network protocols in use
  • A review of current network topology including uplinks and VLANs
  • A detailed list of suggested network changes including firmware updates, protocol and configurations
  • An updated network diagram and documentation of all configurations
  • A review of findings and documentation with your team

The Network Optimization Service is vendor agnostic and is available for almost all network switch manufacturers including Brocade, Cisco, Extreme, HP, Juniper and more. VPLS Solutions will provide your team with all of the recommended changes to bring your network to industry standard best practices. Your team can then implement these changes, or VPLS Solutions can implement these changes for you through a services engagement.

VPLS Solutions’ Network Optimization Service can be combined with VPLS Solutions’ Wireless Optimization Service and Firewall Optimization Service for a full wired, wireless and firewall assessment.

Simply fill out our questionnaire here providing us with the total number of network devices you would like assessed plus your contact information and a VPLS Solutions’ team member will provide you with a quote within 24 hours. For more information, please email