Next Generation Firewalls

As a global service provider, VPLS deals with the challenge of preventing and mitigating security threats on a daily basis. Based on our wealth of security experience, VPLS Solutions proudly partners with the most innovative firewall solutions provider on the market: Palo Alto Networks.

Palo Alto Networks delivers the only next-generation firewall that provides policy-based visibility and control over applications, users and threats. VPLS Solutions and Palo Alto Networks can help you:

  • Identify and Control Applications
    Regain control over your applications – good, bad, and evasive – with user-based policies.
  • Prevent Threats
    Stop malicious applications. Scan allowed applications for all types of threats. Do it at multi-Gbps speeds.
  • Simplify Security Infrastructure
    Fix the firewall, regain network visibility and control, and save money.

VPLS Solutions is a Gold Certified Palo Alto Networks partner. Let VPLS Solutions’ team of sales and engineering professionals demonstrate Palo Alto Networks’ industry leading solutions for you and your team today. Our five Palo Alto Networks certified engineers can also help you configure and deploy your Palo Alto Networks solution. Schedule your onsite demonstration and evaluation at

Palo Alto Networks Solutions

Palo Alto Networks next-generation firewall solutions utilize dedicated, function specific processing that is tightly integrated with a single-pass software engine, and is delivered as a purpose built appliance. This unique combination of hardware and software maximizes network performance while minimizing latency. Each Palo Alto solution supports the same robust set of next-generation firewall features delivering consistency across all Palo Alto platforms.

  • Palo Alto Networks PA-5000 Series

    The PA-5000 Series of next-generation firewalls is purpose built for large enterprises, data centers and service providers. These high performance firewalls are made to provide protection at up to 20 Gbps. The PA-5000 uses over 40 processors distributed across security, networking, content inspection and management, making it powerful enough for the most demanding environments. Palo Alto Networks PA-5000 Series firewalls can be deployed in redundant fashion for maximum up time and resiliency. The models include the PA-5060, PA-5050 and PA-5020.

    Palo Alto Networks PA-5000 Series

  • Palo Alto Networks PA-3000 Series

    Safely enable applications, users, and content at throughput speeds of up to 4 Gbps using the PA-3060, PA-3050 or the PA-3020. All three appliances deliver predictable, multi-Gbps performance via dedicated, function-specific processing for networking, security, content inspection, and management.

    Palo Alto Networks PA-3000 Series

  • Palo Alto Networks PA-500 Series

    The Palo Alto Networks PA-500 delivers next-generation firewall security to medium and large branch offices and medium sized enterprises. The PA-500 protects enterprise networks using high performance processing and dedicated memory for networking, security, threat prevention, URL filtering and management.

    Palo Alto Networks PA-500 Series

  • Palo Alto Networks PA-200 Series

    The PA-200 is small and quiet enough to sit on a desk, yet powerful enough to deliver next-generation firewall security to a distributed enterprise office. This platform extends visibility and control over applications, users and content into enterprise branch offices.

    Palo Alto Networks PA-200 Series