4x CS700

Nimble CS700 series cluster with four Nimble CS700 series arrays with up to 2,424 TB of effective capacity, 166,400 GB of flash capacity and 24 expansion shelves.

Products Overview

Nimble Storage CS-Series Arrays: Building Blocks of the Adaptive Flash Platform

Nimble Storage CS-Series arrays are the building blocks of Adaptive Flash, a storage platform that dynamically and intelligently allocates storage resources to satisfy the changing needs of business-critical applications. Adaptive Flash is based on CASL™, Nimble’s patented Cache-Accelerated Sequential Layout architecture, and InfoSight™, its data sciences-based approach to the storage lifecycle. CASL allows performance and capacity to be scaled seamlessly and independently. InfoSight leverages the power of deep-data analytics to deploy storage resources as needed by business-critical applications.

Nimble Storage CS-Series Arrays

Any Nimble Storage array can be scaled to enterprise-levels of performance and capacity.

  • The CS210 and CS215 provide value and performance for small to medium-sized IT organizations or remote offices, for workloads such as Microsoft Exchange and VDI.
  • The CS300 is ideal for midsize IT organizations or distributed sites of larger organizations. It offers the best capacity per $ for workloads like Microsoft applications, VDI, or virtual server consolidation. The CS300 delivers 1.6x more IOPS than the CS215.
  • The CS500 offers advanced performance for larger-scale deployments or IO-intensive work loads, like larger-scale VDI, and Oracle or SQL Server databases, and provides the best performance and IOPS per $. The CS500 achieves 5x the performance of the CS215.
  • The CS700 is designed for consolidating multiple large-scale critical applications with aggressive performance demands. It delivers approximately 7x the IOPS of the CS215.

All Nimble Storage arrays support the iSCSI storage protocol. Fibre Channel protocol support is available with the CS300, CS500, and CS700.

Scale-to-Fit with Scale-Out Architecture

CASL’s scale-to-fit capability allows performance and capacity to be scaled seamlessly and independently to meet the growing demands of today’s enterprise applications. Capacity can be scaled to hundreds of terabytes by simply adding disk shelves while performance can be enhanced by adding CPU cores for greater overall throughput or additional solid state drives (SSDs) for enhanced read performance. Performance and capacity can even be seamlessly scaled beyond a single array to a cluster of up to any four Nimble Storage CS-Series arrays.

Integrated Data Protection

Data protection is built into every Nimble Storage array, eliminating the inefficiency associated with managing primary and backup storage tiers. Nimble arrays use advanced data protection features including frequent point-in-time snapshots and WAN-efficient replication.

InfoSight and Proactive Wellness

InfoSight is a key component of the Adaptive Flash Platform, offering expert guidance on scaling. InfoSight monitors all Nimble arrays, collectively and individually, from the cloud, using the data it collects to pinpoint problems — and offer remedies — before they can bring systems down.

In addition to InfoSight, Nimble offers these key support benefits: access to 24×7 technical support; 4-hour, or next business day, parts delivery; always-on monitoring and response; and frequent software updates.

Product Comparison

Product Specifications

Extreme Performance Family Ultimate Performance Scale-Out Cluster1,7
Nimble CS-Series Array CS700 4x CS700
Raw Disk Capacity, Base (TB)2 12 24 36 48 1,632
Min. Usable Capacity (TB)4 8 16 25 33 1,236
Effective Capacity, Base (TB)2 8-16 16-32 25-50 33-66 1,212 – 2,424
Effective Capacity, Maximum (TB)2,3,5 556 572 590 606 2,424
Max Number of Disk Expansion Shelves up to 6 24
Base/Max Flash Capacity per Array (GB) 3,200 to 6,400 25,600
Max Flash Capacity with All-Flash Shelf (GB) 32,000 166,400
Power Requirement (Watts) 650 13,000
High Performance Family
Nimble CS-Series Array CS500
Raw Disk Capacity, Base (TB)2 12 24 36 48
Min. Usable Capacity (TB)4 8 16 25 33
Effective Capacity, Base (TB)2 8-15 16-32 25-50 33-66
Effective Capacity, Maximum (TB)2,3,5 556 572 590 606
Max Number of Disk Expansion Shelves up to 6
Base/Max Flash Capacity per Array (GB) 1,200 to 6,400
Max Flash Capacity with All-Flash Shelf (GB) 32,000
Power Requirement (Watts) 600
Base Performance Family Value Array Family
Nimble CS-Series Array CS300 CS210 CS215
Raw Disk Capacity, Base (TB)2 12 24 36 48 8 12
Min. Usable Capacity (TB)4 8 16 25 33 4 8
Effective Capacity, Base (TB)2 8-16 16-31 25-50 33-66 4-8 8-16
Effective Capacity, Maximum (TB)2,3,5 556 572 590 606 98 106
Max Number of Disk Expansion Shelves up to 6 1 1
Base/Max Flash Capacity per Array (GB) 640 to 3,200 160 to 640 320 to 1,200
Max Flash Capacity with All-Flash Shelf (GB) 16,000 NA NA
Power Requirement (Watts) 500 450 500
HDD Expansion Shelves SSD Expansion Shelf
ES1-H25 ES1-H45 ES1-H65 ES1-H85 ES1-AFS
Raw Disk Capacity (TB)2 15 30 45 60 N/A
Min. Usable Capacity (TB)4 11 23 34 45 N/A
Effective Capacity (TB)2,5 11-22 23 – 46 34-68 45-90 N/A
Flash Capacity (GB) 160 300 600 1,600 up to 25.6TB
SAS Connectivity Per Controller 2 x 6Gb SAS (2 modules/shelf) 2 x 6Gb SAS (2 modules/shelf)
Power Requirement (Watts) 400 200
Supported Protocols and Network Connectivity
CS700 CS500 CS300 CS215 CS210
Supported Protocols iSCSI
Fibre Channel
Fibre Channel
Fibre Channel
Number of Available Interface Cards (per array controller) 3 3 3 2 2
Dual-port 1GbE (on board)6 1 (included) 1 (included) 1 (included) 1 (included) 1 (included)
Dual-port 1GbE (optional) N/A 2 only 2 only 1 or 2 1 (included)
Dual-port 10GbaseT (optional) 1 or 2 1 or 2 1 or 2 1 only N/A
Dual-port 10GbE SFP+ (optional) 1 or 2 1 or 2 1 or 2 1 only N/A
Dual-port 16Gb FC (optional) 2 or 3 1 or 2 1 only N/A N/A
On-Board 6Gb SAS Connectivity Per Controller 2x 4-lane 2x 4-lane 2x 4-lane 1x 4-lane 1x 4-lane
Physical and Environmental Specifications
Dimensions 5.2″H x 17.2″W x 26.5″D
13.2 cm x 43.7 cm x 67.3 cm
3 Rack Units
Weight 76 lbs. / 34.5 kg
Weight (All-Flash Shelf) 55 lbs. / 25 kg
Operating Temperature 10 – 35° C (50 – 95° F)
Non-Operating Temperature 0° C – 40° C (32° F – 110° F)
Operating Humidity 8 – 90%
Non-Operating Humidity 5 – 95%

Technical Specifications


  1. Maximum performance configuration consists of 4x CS700 arrays, each with 1x ES1-AFS all-flash expansion shelf and 6x ES1-H85 capacity expansion shelves.
  2. Raw and effective capacities are calculated using Base 10 (i.e., 1 TB = 1,000,000,000,000 bytes) after excluding space for parity, spares, and system overhead; the range represents 0 to 2x compression.
  3. Maximum capacity is the capacity of the base array and maximum number of expansion shelves.
  4. Minimum usable capacity denotes the base capacity available to users once parity, spares and system overhead are deducted from overall raw capacity. Compression increases overall effective capacity.
  5. Compression rates vary across applications. 2x compression factor reflected in upper range of effective capacity (based on actual compression rates seen by customers.
  6. Each array controller has 2x 1GbE ports built in. Additional network interface options vary, per array family.
  7. Max flash capacity shown accounts for SSD capacity included with each ES1 expansion shelf.
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