Free Malware Detection Audit

Regardless of the amount of money and resources spent, cyber-attacks continue to bypass school defenses because they are getting smarter and harder to detect:

    • While WannaCry and NotPetya have been in the news, the rest of the cyber-criminal world is still working and discovering vulnerabilities in the shadows
    • Traditional firewalls will allow encrypted web traffic (i.e. HTTPS) through without inspection. This poses an issue as threats are also using encrypted communications for cover
    • Educational digital footprints are expanding which is increasing the potential attack surface
    • The Internet of Things makes it easier for students and faculty to stay connected but creates more targets which can then be turned into weapons
    • The weakest link in cloud security is not the architecture but the millions of devices accessing the cloud resources
    • Human nature guarantees that someone in a K-12 environment will be tricked into clicking on an infected link or attachment

The benefits are endless, schedule your free malware detection audit today!

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NASPO Government Purchasing Solutions

VPLS Solutions is not your typical technology reseller. We own and manage our own large, private, carrier-grade network and operate nine geographically diverse data centers. Our 19+ years of carrier heritage make us the perfect partner for your public, private or hybrid cloud needs, and your most complex networking, security, storage or data center challenges.

VPLS Solutions is proud to offer our California-based government clients products and services through NASPO ValuePoint.

For the past five years, VPLS Solutions has been listed on Brocade’s NASPO ValuePoint Contract (contract number AR214) for hardware, software, and support sales. VPLS Solutions is also one of a very few Brocade partners that can also offer Brocade installation services through the NASPO ValuePoint contract.

VPLS Solutions is also an approved reseller for Nimble Storage solutions through the NASPO ValuePoint contract (contract number MNWNC-122), making us one of only seven approved Nimble Storage NASPO ValuePoint partners in California. In addition, VPLS Solutions also offers a unique Nimble Storage replication service that governments and schools can leverage to replicate their Nimble data to VPLS’ cloud with the ability to spin up the VM’s in the event of a disaster.

Contact to learn how we can help you with all of your Brocade and Nimble Storage NASPO ValuePoint needs.