VPLS’s SSL Decryption Service

FortiGate SSL Deep Inspection

With users spending more than 80 percent of their time on encrypted websites and applications, encrypted traffic has become the new normal. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is the standard protocol to transmit secured data over the internet and is what makes visiting a website over HTTPS secure versus plain HTTP. SSL keeps intruders out of your business transactions and helps you achieve and maintain industry-standard compliance. As such, cyber criminals commonly hide threats using encrypted traffic and can go around security controls to access your data. Even businesses with the most extensive security measures in place can be targeted if they are not closely monitoring encrypted traffic.

The key to regulating and monitoring encrypted traffic to ensure internet and intranet safety is SSL decryption. The SSL decryption service by VPLS Solutions ensures your FortiGate firewall is configured to intercept encrypted traffic before it reaches its destination. Once intercepted, the FortiGate will decrypt, inspect, and re-encrypt the traffic before forwarding to the original destination.

This service enables visibility to identify and analyze encrypted traffic and applications to prevent undetected threats, attacks, and data leakage. VPLS Solution’s SSL decryption service can also be utilized to decrypt HTTPS only from questionable websites, while other web traffic from familiar and recognizable organizations, smoothly bypasses without hindrance.

Without the SSL decryption service by VPLS Solutions, the security profiles on your FortiGate firewall are limited in their ability to protect you against these hidden threats:

VPLS Solutions’ SSL decryption service ensures your organization intercepts encrypted traffic to prevent hidden threats, while at the same time upholding the privacy of users and your business, so contact us today to increase your security posture!