Cable Management: The VPLS Difference


Structured cabling and cable management are important, but often overlooked, components of a stable, reliable network.  Networks with disorganized cabling are difficult to troubleshoot.  Cumbersome cables also make it difficult to install new network devices.  Finally, when executives see a jumbled mess of cables in the data center, it can reflect poorly on management’s view of the IT department.

Organizing cabling in your data center or wiring closet can be a challenging and time consuming task.  VPLS Solutions’ team of structured cabling experts can give your data center the clean and organized look you are hoping for at an affordable cost and with little downtime.  VPLS Solutions will leave you with a clean, labeled rack, as well as updated network diagrams.  We are experts at cabling new network deployments, or cleaning up existing cabling installs.  We have addressed cabling challenges at corporate offices, data centers, schools and government facilities.  Our team of structured cabling experts can help you pick the right accessories such as horizontal and vertical cable managers, racks, switch enclosures, UPS units, and cable types and lengths.  Please contact the experts at VPLS Solutions to schedule an assessment of your structured cabling.