VDI Solutions from VPLS

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, or VDI, is the practice of hosting a desktop or many desktops on a virtual machine running on a centralized server.  VDI benefits IT administrators by centralizing the management and control of desktops.  VDI benefits end users by allowing them to access their customized desktop from anywhere they are regardless of device.

For years, VPLS Solutions has been assisting customers with the deployment of on premises VDI solutions leveraging VDI software from VMware (Horizon View) and Citrix (XenDesktop) running on high performance storage solutions from Nimble Storage and Datrium.  VPLS Solutions has now added a cloud hosted VDI solution hosted from our geographically redundant data centers in El Segundo, CA, Phoenix, AZ and Ashburn, VA.

Cloud Hosted VDI is commonly known as Desktop as a Service or DaaS. Our deployment of DaaS is unique from other service providers in that we deploy the same technology as an On-Premise Solution in a Private Cloud environment dedicated for our customers. This increases the security of our Cloud Hosted VDI deployments and allows IT administrators greater control and visibility.  Additionally, when customers opt to purchase Thin Clients or Zero Clients, there is no longer a need to upgrade individual workstations leading to tremendous cost savings.

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