Welcome to the new Krypt.com!

Our Web Development team has been busy on the latest edition of www.krypt.com which has tons of new features, content and service plans! We’ll highlight the main changes here! Our team has simplified the content in a fewer pages in a clean and friendly user interface.

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Dedicated Server Plans

We have increased the base amount of memory and reduced the prices on our popular Single and Dual Xeon E5500, E5600 plans. Single CPU Xeon E55XX / 56XX plans come standard with 8GB of RAM while Dual CPU Xeon E55XX / 56XX plans come with 16GB RAM.

Cloud Server Plans

Check out our 4 streamlined Cloud Server plans which come with common server specifications to meet the requirements for most applications. All plans also have additional bandwidth capacity. Find out more details here http://www.krypt.com/cloud/

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Krypt Custom Cloud Pools

We’re pleased to announce our new Krypt Cloud Pool which can be a single customized cloud server or a resource pool where you can purchase bulk resources in order to split up into multiple Cloud Servers based on your own settings utilizing our Krypt vCloud web interface. For example if you purchase the following resources:

CPU: 10GHz

Memory: 10GB

HDD: 100GB

Bandwidth: 10TB

IP Addresses: 20

You can have 10 servers each with the following specs: 1GHz / 1GB RAM / 10GB HDD / 1TB BW /  2IP’s   OR 20 servers with half as much resources with 0.5GHz / 512MB RAM / 5GB HDD / 500GB BW/ 1IP

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Find our more here: http://www.krypt.com/cloud/custom/

Order Numerous Servers at Once

If you need to order multiple servers you can do so by adding different or the same server plans into your cart. You will notice the cart icon in the middle sub nav bar will increment based on how many items are in your cart.

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Krypt.com in Many Languages

Access our website and order forms in English, Thai and Chinese by switching languages using the button at the bottom.

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All pages include native translations!

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Google Powered Search

Get to the pages you are looking for quicker by accessing our Google powered search interface by clicking on the magnifying glass on the top header of each page.

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Instant Chat

Talk to our 24×7 Support, Billing or Sales team from any of our pages instantly by clicking on the hovering Live Chat button. Our team can help you with ordering a new server or assisting with your existing server.

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Single Sign On

Stay logged in to Krypt and access your settings from My.Krypt which inherits language settings and if you are a reseller, the prices displayed on our Dedicated Server Listing will be displayed with your discounts taken.

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Features Coming Soon

  • Instant promotions – when there is a server sale, discounts which will taken automatically without the need to manually enter a coupon code
  • Multi language search



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