New Burst, Hybrid, and Dedicated Clouds

At Krypt we know that Clouds don’t come in just Private or Public, big or small. We believe the Cloud and especially your Cloud Server should be tailored to how you want it at your specific budget. Our Cloud Servers come in 3 distinct types called

  • Burst – these Cloud Servers have pooled burst resources and are great low cost entry level servers
  • Hybrid – these Cloud Servers have combined Burst and Dedicated resources that allow the flexibility of bursting at a fraction of the cost for dedicated resources
  • Dedicated – the Cloud Servers have reserved and guaranteed resources so that you can run applications with confidence

Of course if you can not find a plan that meets your needs you can always create your own Custom Cloud only at Krypt! Choose any combination of CPU, Memory, Disk and Bandwidth options for your Cloud Server with a mixture of dedicated and burst resources. If you ultimately don’t like to share, go with Krypt Private Cloud for your enterprise requirements.


Cloud Hosting without the fluff – only at Krypt!


Introducing Krypt CloudMail the Better Way to Communicate

Krypt is pleased to introduce Krypt CloudMail to our portfolio of services. CloudMail is an Enterprise grade mail service at consumer prices with features and functionality that exceed Microsoft Exchange, Office 365 and Google Mail for Business. CloudMail runs in variety of forms whether you’re looking for a completely private setup or on our public CloudMail. With every deployment of CloudMail you are guaranteed elastic scalability of your email platform that grows as your company grows. CloudMail plans start at just $5 per mailbox for 5GB of space. View CloudMail plans here or discover all the features here.

Learn why you should switch to CloudMail today!

Putting our Cloud Servers to the test

We recently benchmarked our Cloud servers against the Atom D525 1.8GHz and the results may suprise most customers but not us. We have always been confident in the performance of our Cloud servers. We used the popular benchmarking tool Passmark to perform the tests. Note that the servers were ran for Graphics with stock onboard graphics cards and VMware tools enabled.

Test group involved the following servers:

Server 1:

Atom D525 1.8GHz




Server 2:

Cloud Server

1GHz Dedicated

1GB RAM Dedicated

RAID10 SAN backed storage


Server 3:

Cloud Server

2GHz Dedicated

2GB RAM Dedicated

RAID10 SAN backed storage


Server 4:

Cloud Server

4GHz Burst Only

4GB RAM Burst Only

RAID10 SAN backed storage



Overall Results:

Atom D525 1/1 Cloud 2/2 Cloud 4/4 Burst Cloud
CPU Mark 859.7 674 1010.6 1123.8
Memory Mark 328.7 335.1 684.4 692.9
Disk Mark 910.7 682.1 786.9 989.1
PassMark Rating 510.9 431.2 673.6 780.4

As a cost effective alternative to our Atom D525 plan we recommend going with our Cloud Servers with either full dedicated resources or hybrid burst options that best suite your requirements. Our cloud servers can be configured for 100% dedicated resources, 100% burst resources or a mixture of both called Hybrid Cloud Servers.

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