Wrapping up 2011

It’s been a rather short but adventurous year for VPLS Inc and it’s divisions. We ended 2010 with a huge surge in demand for our products which propelled the momentum into 2011 even during our typically slow month of February where we found ourselves still building and bringing up new systems due to high demand. Towards Spring we had our first ever Reseller Conference in Guangzhou, China which was a great learning experience for us as well as our Resellers. Next years’ event will be even better based off some things we gathered from the first event!

As summer rolled around we found ourselves in the midst of server migrations and build outs of our existing datacenter space in SNA1 and LAX7 expanding each to near 90% capacity. Towards the end of summer we started planning for our first Internet Datacenter in the East coast which is chronicled in detail here http://blog.vpls.net/2011/11/01/journey-to-the-east/.  I’ve personally been so busy that I couldn’t finish the second half of the story home but that story will be left to the individuals that I shared the experience with.

Our Bangkok, Thailand office escaped the major floods that ravaged Central Thailand and Bangkok although some employee’s homes were not spared the devastation. With all disasters comes grief but we must always be thankful that the things most important to us i.e. family are safe and out of harms way. VPLS Thailand and VPLS Inc founders have started a fund to help employees stricken by the disaster.

We knew going into the 4th quarter that it was going to be a lot of work with the turn up of IAD1 complete we refocused our efforts to building out our new Northern California flag ship datacenter in Sacramento, CA – SMF1. What was supposed to be a small build out ended up taking over 2 weeks to prep and prepare as well as circuit delays pushing the grand opening date back further and further but on December 26th our first batch of servers were online and ready to be sold! In fact orders poured in shortly after news went out and we’re riding another wave of momentum into 2012!

Overall it was a great year for VPLS Inc with record sales and earnings throughout as well many corporate initiatives for our employees in the United States and Thailand. Our annual Food Drive yielded 2 pallets of canned foods and other items for the Orange County Food Bank. We look forward to expanding into further territories in 2012 and bringing innovation for all of our customers! VPLS… taking you beyond!

Tim Mektrakarn, COO

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