Welcome to the New Krypt.com

Welcome to the new Krypt.com website, our web development team has worked tirelessly on our new and much improved website. Our new site boasts key features such as Cloud Server offerings and many Solution services. The new site will also be translated to various languages and we have worked on improved page load times.

Take a tour of the key features here:

Our new logo draws inspiration from many things, our name derived from the element Krypton and the 98 at the top right corner signifies the year of our inception.

New Krypt Logo

Dedicated Servers – View a list of all dedicated servers and sort number of Cores or Processor type by clicking on Browse by Cores button at the top. This will instantly filter down the servers for you to make an easier selection.

Krypt Dedicated Server List

Cloud Servers – Our Cloud Server offerings are not new, we have had Cloud Server offerings for many years now. Our new site allows our customers to custom build their own Cloud Server to the specifications they require. The sliders for CPU dedicated and burst settings can be adjusted to fit your requirements. Make your Cloud Server a Superior Cloud Server with enhanced High Availability options that can be toggled on and off as well as different Control Panel, and Snapshot Backup offerings.

Solutions – We have laid out various packages for different customers of various shapes and sizes.

Krypt Solutions

New Order Forms – We have added tabs for ease of selection and navigation through our ordering process.

Krypt new order forms

Krypt new order forms

Krypt Reseller Program – We have renamed our Krypt Partner Program levels to Bronze / Silver / Gold / Platinum. We have also added more features and benefits for various tiers.

Krypt Resellers

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