Release of VPS Control Panel

Hey Guys!

Today is a great day, a day for programming and fun.  Today we *officially* released our VPS Control Panel which allows you to reboot, power on, power off, and reformat your VPS!  This can come in very handy when in quick need of some sort of action and you dont want to have to submit a ticket and wait for our busy support technicians to do dirty work that can be done automatically.

Features to come:

  • Snapshot Manager – Manage your snapshots and revert and create snapshots as you wish
  • Bandwidth Monitor – Monitor bandwidth, view graphs, etc.
  • Hardware Monitors – View CPU, Hard Disk, and Memory usage.
  • Instant Upgrades – Need more ram?  No need to ask and wait, upgrade yourself!

These are just a few of the fun features we plan to implement into this control panel in the coming weeks/months.

Questions and suggestions, please post in comments or email


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